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VIDA Leather Statement Clutch - Soda Pop by VIDA
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How we are using headless Chrome to write end-to-end tests that don’t drive you crazy

Tests written to check software functionality can be grouped into a few categories. Some of the most popular categories include:

unit tests integration tests end-to-end tests

This last group of tests is what we are talking about in this post. They are sometimes known as acceptance tests or functional tests. I’ll be referring to them as e2e tests .

e2e tests

The most important thing for any app is that it works for your users. Good e2e tests let you know when at least one piece of a feature (database, API, UI) isn’t working as expected. This can be extremely valuable. It removes the need to manually check existing features in a browser whenever you make changes.

e2e tests have historically been awful. They tend to be sluggish and brittle. They tend to break easily and eat away at valuable developer time. Most teams either don’t write them or write them with distaste, like forcefully taking a pill you think will be good for you. But there is a better way! <cue infomercial music> .

One of the most popular tools for e2e testing is Selenium, which is a tool for automating web browsers. Selenium sounds cool in theory: write one set of tests that run on all browsers and devices, woohoo! Jk. In practice, Selenium tests are slow, brittle, and costly. So, on Ropig we are using Puppeteer –the official headless Chrome library.A “headless” browser is just a browser that doesn’t have a graphical user interface.

A Puppeteer test looks like this

In this case, we tap a drop-down menu, wait for it to open, tap a logout link, and wait for the login form to show. If any of these steps don’t work, the test will fail.

We are using as our test runner, but you can use any testing tools you want with Puppeteer.

Here are what these tests look like when you run them in headless mode:

Running end-to-end tests in headless mode

Here is a video of what these tests look like when you run them in debug mode. Debug mode opens a real browser and slows down each step so you can see what is happening:

From Sereer wiki

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The structure of adverbial clauses in Sereer is varied. At least four different patterns are evident, but future work is likely to reveal more, as these patterns have not yet been fully studied in a systematic manner. Adverbial clause types currently attested in Serrer include: reason clauses (‘because X’, ‘in order to X’, etc.), Fendi Preowned Baguette leather mini bag vFzyNF
(‘before X’, ‘after X’, etc.), conditional/sequential clauses (“if/when X”), and a possible nominalized adverbial clause type.

Reason clauses are formed by simply connecting two clauses with the word ‘’’yam’’’ “because”. The clause following ‘’’yam’’’ is the reason or purpose for the first clause, as in (1)-(3). It is not known if the Main Clause – Subordinate Clause order can be inverted.

Temporal adverbial clauses, also called temporal clause-linking constructions, are formed by two clauses that are connected with a temporal adverb. In Sereer, temporal markers can serve to link two verbal clauses, are will as NPs. The latter construction is discussed in VIDA Leather Statement Clutch Doll Face by VIDA MQW6N
, while the former will be discussed here.

The currently attested types of temporal adverbial clauses are listed in the Table below. More work will determine what other temporal clause-linking strategies there are. As shown in Examples (4) , (5) , the second clause in these construction is always somehow marked as a subordinate clause, either with a relativizer -na as in VIDA Statement Bag Long Grass Statement Bag by VIDA 5mqGY
or by use of the subordinate subject agreement markers.

Conditional clauses can be formed with the suffix "-aŋa", as in (6) .

These clauses also have the interpretation of “when. . .” or “as soon as. . .”. They Take subject marking prefixes, as in (7) , but they do not appear to take any tense/aspect morphology.

Derivational morphology, however, may appear with ‘’’-aŋa’’’, as in (8)

A fourth type of adverbial clause that is still very poorly understood appears to be nominalized (see Relative Clauses ) and involves a complementizer. The sole example of this that I have encountered is given in (9) . There is no subject agreement, and the verb appears to be relativized.

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The Minnesota Ballet’s mission , through its professional company and school, is to inspire a love and appreciation for dance, to advance the art of ballet, to increase access to the art form, and to use its resources to benefit the greater community.

The Minnesota Ballet’s mission

Minnesota Ballet 2017 – 2018 company

A Director’s Decade

This season marks my 25th anniversary with the Minnesota Ballet. When I joined the “New” Duluth Ballet in 1992 as Ballet Master to serve with Allen Fields, the new Artistic Executive Director, I thought I’d be here for a few years, learning to be a better choreographer and ballet master, while still dancing in all performances.

But as I became a part of the community, I saw this area’s incredible embrace of the arts. How welcoming and eager for artistic cultural experiences and how encouraging to artists.

Now, as I celebrate my 10th anniversary as Artistic Executive Director, I am in awe of what you have allowed us to accomplish. Because of the value this community and state put on the arts, the quality of the dancers, productions, and school programs continues to flourish.

In celebration, in October we are presenting a mixed program of works reflecting the artistic diversity forming the core of what I believe we are all about. Masterworks like George Balanchine’s Tarantella , and Salvatore Aiello’s Clowns and Others . A work that was special to me while I was in full-out dance mode here—Allen Fields’ Court Dances , not seen since 1996. And a premiering work by emerging choreographer Isaac Sharratt, from Milwaukee Ballet.

In December our beloved Nutcracker , with the Minnesota Ballet Orchestra, so exciting for us and you! And in March, a longtime realization of a dream: bringing the full Swan Lake to our community, this most enduring classic with its themes of love, betrayal, sorcery and pageantry, to the iconic Tchaikovsky score.

I am so proud of this company, its artists, Board of Directors and our patrons, who have made the arts and dance an integral, invaluable part of the culture and quality of life we so enjoy here.

Thank you! Robert Gardner, Executive Artistic Director

2017 – 2018 Performing Season Sponsor:

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